Rights And Duties Of Patients


  • The patient has the right to receive comprehensive dental care associated with their oral health problems, through the efficient use of the resources available in the institution.
  • Respect for their personality, human dignity and privacy, without being discriminated against for social, economic, moral and ideological reasons.
  • To the privacy and confidential handling of the information.
  • To raise concerns about your health situation and treatment and that these are sufficiently clear.
  • To request and receive explanation about their treatment and the costs generated by the services provided.
  • To consent, revoke and / or refuse the suggested treatment.
  • To present claims, complaints and suggestions and to receive a timely response.


  • Procure the integral care of your health and that of your family.
  • Respect the privacy and beliefs of other patients and family members.
  • Caring for and making rational use of resources, facilities, equipment and services of the Institution.
  • Collaborate with compliance with the rules and instructions of the Institution and the team of professionals.
  • Provide timely, clear, truthful and complete information requested about their health status and background.
  • Pay timely received services.
  • Comply timely with agreed appointments and notify at least 24 hours before cancellation.